#WISA2018 in Leadership Magazine

Apr 6, 2018

We were pleased to be quoted in Leadership Magazine in March.

“Another group with a stake in the water crisis is the Water Institute of South Africa (WISA). From June 24 to 27, WISA will be hosting its biennial conference and exhibition at the CTICC at which they will be discussing “past, existing and future water resource challenges” and hoping to promote “collaboration, cooperation and integration within the water sector”.

Jason Mingo, the WISA 2018 Technical Committee Chair and Project Manager said, “It is not so much about new innovations that WISA is bringing but how we as a professional body support existing initiatives and provide advice, as required, to those entities responsible for seeing Cape Town and the broader Western Cape through this drought.” Mingo explained, “The drought is a factor of continued decreasing rainfall over a period of three consecutive years, leading to an unprecedented drought disaster, being experienced by Cape Town. The magnitude of such a disaster, however, has placed Cape Town on the international stage when it comes to its response, meaning there is very little experience globally when it comes to managing such a situation.”

He concluded: “The vulnerability of existing water planning models and mechanisms has been exposed. What is critical now is the response, not only in the short term but in the medium to long term as well. As part of the conference theme of ‘Breaking barriers, Connecting ideas’, the conference seeks to promote a more integrated approach as to how the water sector shifts from master plumbers to master planners.”