Call for Abstracts

Late Breakers Session – “In the Pipeline”

Description of theme

The “In the Pipeline” session seeks to highlight new, ground-breaking research and technology development. This session will seek to demonstrate the theme of “Breaking barriers, Connecting ideas” in new research, approaches and advancing technology. This is an opportunity for emerging ideas, techniques and solutions to be presented which have embraced collaborative, multi- or transdisciplinary approaches to address key challenges which extend beyond just the water sector.

The invitation to submit abstracts, incorporates the following instructions for author(s):

  1. A short introduction should be provided as to how the work of the author(s) links to the description given above.
  2. Data analysis, through qualitative and/or quantitative methods, must be included demonstrating the novel approach, idea or solution.
  3. A conclusion which demonstrates the next steps or the way forward, noting any challenges and opportunities.
  4. A maximum of 450 words will be allowed for the submission of abstracts

Please note that the session will not allow for blatant advertisement and marketing of new technologies.

Abstracts are now closed

Thematic Areas For Conference

The context of each thematic area is described in further detail highlighting discussion topics, with some guiding questions. This description is merely to serve as a guide, coupled with key words to assist with the submission of relevant abstracts under each of the thematic areas linked to the central theme of the conference.