Uncharted Waters: Developing Solutions Through Science And Technology

Key Words:

  1. Acid Mine Drainage;
  2. Biotechnology;
  3. Climate Change;
  4. Ecosystem Services;
  5. Environmental Management;
  6. Fracking;
  7. Groundwater;
  8. Modelling;
  9. Resource Economics;
  10. Wetlands/Rivers

The development of scientific solutions and breakthroughs is critical to navigating the uncertainty posed by varying challenges across the water sector. The translation of such solutions and breakthroughs into policy, strategic action and commercially viable products are required to give context to research funding and investment. Active research and empirical evidence are key to ensuring that sustainable water management is built on a foundation of socio-economic understanding and resilience-based natural resource management. The utilisation of our natural resources as undertaken through fracking and mining, with the consequential impacts of acid and saline mine drainage, remains a consistent concern across the region.

Some Guiding Questions

  • How do we fix the innovation chain and ensure that the broad base of South African water research outputs, processes and technologies are deployed into action?
  • How do scientific advancements contribute to the development of commercially viable products, add value and give context to investment placed in research?