Waste Not Want Not: Optimising Processes For Treatment And Reclamation

Key Words:

  1. Asset Management;
  2. Desalination;
  3. Membranes / Reverse Osmosis;
  4. Mine and Industrial Water;
  5. Re-Use; Sanitation;
  6. Sludge Management;
  7. Stormwater;
  8. Wastewater;
  9. Water Distribution

The water sector is looking at the next generation of technology for water and wastewater treatment. This would include latest developments in advanced treatment technologies, by-product extraction and opportunities for re-use. The need for augmented and alternative water supply options, with reference to over allocated systems, linked to fit-for-purpose use, have consequences to the required treatment quality and applied processes and infrastructure. The linkages to energy production and alternative by-products through wastewater treatment are key to improving resource efficiency. Linking to the management of wastewater, the delivery of dignified sanitation continues to see advancements being made in the design of technologies to address historic and economic differences

Some Guiding Questions

  • How is the Southern African region managing a balance between the utilization of advanced treatment technologies and skills development?
  • As part of next generation technologies, what are the opportunities for alternative and advanced treatment methodologies relevant to the scale of various processes and operations?
  • What are the recent advancements in low flush and no flush systems and how are such systems delivered towards equitable sanitation?